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Certified Medical PEMF Devices

for Clinical and Home Use

Certified Medical PEMF Devices

for Clinical and Home Use

Certified Medical PEMF Devices

for Clinical and Home Use

Swiss Bionic Solutions

Welcome to the world of Swiss Bionic Solutions

As a globally organized company with Swiss origin, we develop and distribute innovative products worldwide in the field of complementary and alternative health solutions and in recent years we have specialized particularly in bionic technologies. Low-energy vibrations within the electromagnetic spectrum of the geomagnetic field and the ionosphere serve as a natural model for the technical implementation.

Consultation and support to our worldwide customers are guaranteed through a global team of independent, competent and certified Lifestyle Consultants in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Apart from the highest quality standards in development, production and support, our priorities are also fast service and the continuous development of innovative products and systems.

iMRS prime

The world’s only 6-dimensional PEMF Therapy System!

iMRS prime Expert Set

Full-size PEMF medical device “On The Go”!

Omnium1 Complete Combo


This comprehensive buyer`s guide is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date answers on the most critical questions you may ask prior to obtaining a PEMF device for your personal and professional use!

The Swissbionic Solutions
Business Opportunity

Health and Wealth with Good Vibrations!

With every unique business comes massive opportunity! The question is, how do you recognize a truly genuine, future-oriented and trustworthy opportunity? Simply look for an established, globally operating partner with a long-standing, successful and clean history, an incomparable, scientifically-proven and medically-certified product range, and a top-rated, transparent and unified compensation plan. Welcome to the world of Swissbionic Solutions. Welcome to the world of PEMF. Welcome to the world of Good Vibrations!

iMRS prime Expert Set

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iMRS prime Bundles

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Omnium1 Complete Combo

Omnium1 Systems

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